What are Powerprox Six Month Braces®?

Powerprox Six Month Braces utilize modern brackets and wires to straighten teeth efficiently and safely. When many people think of traditional braces, they imagine the clunky, awkward metal wires that were used many years ago. Today, we have a variety of orthodontic options that are sleek and discreet, and they straighten teeth faster than ever before. Powerprox use shape-memory wires that are bent to attach to the brackets on the teeth, and over the course of several months the wire slowly returns to its original shape, and your teeth become aligned in the process.

Do six month braces hurt?

It’s perfectly normal for orthodontic treatments to cause discomfort or soreness, especially at the very beginning of treatment, as the teeth are not used to being moved. However, they should not hurt any more than traditional braces. The fast-tracked treatment times are not due to the braces being tightened and forcibly corralling the teeth into straighter positions. Using high forces to move teeth can cause bruising under the gums, which actually slows down treatment. They use low force to gently move each tooth into the correct position. If you find that they are causing some soreness, we recommend trying over-the-counter pain medication or applying dental wax to relieve the discomfort.

Are six month braces affordable?

You would think that a shorter treatment plan would make an orthodontic service more expensive, but having a shorter treatment time actually allows six month braces to be cheaper due to the reduction in appointments and adjustments that need to be made. Dental insurance does not always cover the full cost, but some offer plans offer partial coverage, so it’s worth checking with your provider. For more information about financing, please visit our financial page or give our office a call and our friendly front office team will be more than happy to assist.

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