Foods To Avoid After a Tooth Extraction

Cartoon of a dentist showing a poster with soft foods to a patient recovering from oral surgery.
Image by Authority Dental under CC 2.0

After having one or more teeth extracted, we recommend a short recovery period. Oral surgery is much easier to bounce back from than other surgeries where you might be bed-bound for a while, but you’ll want to take it easy for a few days. There are some things you should do to ensure your mouth heals as quickly and easily as possible. Eating soft foods will protect the extraction site from harm or irritation. Here are some foods you should avoid after a tooth extraction.

Crunchy Foods

The entire category of “crunchy” is something you’ll want to steer clear of post tooth extraction. This means no crackers, hard granola bars, tortilla or potato chips, nuts, most cold cereals and more. Anything with sharp edges won’t be gentle on your mouth. It’s easy to scratch your gums with crunchy foods and you don’t want anything to interfere with your healing.

Spicy Foods

Some people love spicy foods and others carefully avoid them. If you are in the former category, you’ll need to take a temporary break from your favorite bottle of hot sauce until your recovery is complete. Spicy foods can irritate the area where your tooth was extracted. They can slow down the healing and even cause an unpleasant sensation or unnecessary pain.


Not only can alcohol itself interact negatively with the extraction area, but it can also interact badly with whatever pain medication you’re taking post-extraction. Make sure to follow the directions of any medication you’re taking carefully, and stick to water until your doctor says you’re in the clear.

Gentle Tooth Extraction in Puyallup, WA

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