Signs I Might Need a Tooth Extraction

Masked dental professionals are looking down on the patient before a tooth extraction.

We sincerely hope that you never need to get a tooth extraction. However, it’s important to know the signs beforehand so that if they come up, you can get treatment as soon as possible. Since tooth extractions are often a last option, it can sometimes be crucial to your overall health to get a tooth extracted when deemed necessary. These are the signs to look out for that show you might need a dental extraction.

Severe Dental Decay

There are many different steps for dealing with tooth decay depending on the severity. First, there are fillings, and then there are root canals. But if the decay is so severe that the tooth cannot be saved with root canal therapy, it may be necessary to remove the entire tooth to prevent the spread of infection.

Dental Crowding

Dental crowding is a condition when your teeth don’t have enough space to fit properly, resulting in crookedness or other misalignment issues. Sometimes orthodontics can fix these issues, but other times, you may need an extraction to create enough space. In these cases, crowding can become worse without a tooth extraction and cause damage to your teeth. This makes it more difficult to keep them healthy.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

These days, extracting wisdom teeth is a common procedure. This is because it can be in the patient’s best interest to remove these molars, which erupt later in life, before they cause other dental problems. One of the most common cases that calls for extraction is impacted wisdom teeth. This is when the teeth don’t push through the gums properly and get stuck. Often this condition leads to dental infection.

Oral Surgery in Puyallup, WA

If you’re currently experiencing any of the previously mentioned conditions, call our Puyallup dental office for an appointment. We’ll perform a proper assessment to determine what’s going on and whether a tooth extraction is necessary in your case. If you have any additional questions about the tooth extraction process, don’t hesitate to contact us at Willow Smiles Dentistry.

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