Best Oral Health Products for Traveling

Senior couple brushing their teeth near their SUV while camping.

We may not be doing as much traveling as normal these days, but soon we’ll be back on the road again. When the time comes for you to take a trip, it’s important to make sure you have your dental care covered in your packing. These are a few oral health products to take on your travels so that you can keep your smile looking beautiful and healthy wherever you may be in the world.

The Right Toothbrush

If you use an electric toothbrush at home, make sure you fully charge it or its batteries before you leave home. There are also special cases you can buy that charge your toothbrush while carrying them. It’s convenient to not have to worry about them not working when you’re out and about. It’s always a good idea to keep a travel-sized toothbrush in your backpack, carry-on, purse or briefcase to use while you’re in transit or if you’re heading to the wilderness.

Travel-Sized Toothpaste

What’s oral health care without some toothpaste? We recommend going with a travel-sized toothpaste that’s under three fluid ounces so you can pack it along in your carry-on. That way you can freshen up your smile during a long flight or during your layover. Plus it saves space in your luggage or camping gear. If you ever need more during a trip, your hotel or a local drugstore will have plenty of options.

Travel-Sized Mouthwash

Sometimes when you’re traveling, you’re just not able to fully brush your teeth as you’d like. That’s where mouthwash comes in! While mouthwash isn’t a substitute for brushing, it can certainly help out when you’re in a pinch, like on a very long flight. You can pour some of your mouthwash into a travel-sized container or buy one in a small size so you can keep it handy during your travels.

Floss Picks

There are a variety of floss picks available and most come with compact clear cases. The picks stay clean and contained and the case usually will fit in something as small as a wallet. Consider keeping some in the glove box of your car. They come in handy when you get something stuck in your teeth while eating on the go.

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