How Often Should My Child Visit The Dentist?

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Taking care of your child’s teeth is necessary to establish a solid foundation for good oral health for years to come. Routine dental exams with cleanings are an essential part of this process. So how many times per year should you bring your child to the dentist for routine care? At Willow Smiles Dentistry, we have some recommendations to help you keep your kid’s teeth and gums healthy.

Twice Yearly

Generally, your child should see us for preventive care visits twice per year. You want to aim for appointments every six months. While this seems frequent, these two visits per year give our dentist an opportunity to thoroughly remove bacteria and debris from your kid’s teeth. Additionally, if your child has any plaque forming, our hygienist may address it before it remains on your child’s teeth long enough to cause any of the following:

  1. Bad breath

  2. Gum disease

  3. Tooth decay

Prevention Protects Young Teeth

At your child’s bi-yearly visits, Dr. Z and Dr. D will also look for other problems, such as the onset of cavities. When caught in the early stages, oral health issues are much easier to manage and reverse. Part of the visit may include X-rays that can determine if his or her teeth are growing properly. These visits are also an ideal time to ask for a fluoride treatment that can prevent decay in the future. You might also choose to have your child’s molars sealed to protect against cavities.

Insurance Coverage

If you are covered by dental insurance you’ll maximize your benefits by coming in for preventive care. An average dental insurance policy tends to cover two visits per year, at least six months apart from one another. Sometimes, a child may require more frequent appointments. This depends on your child’s oral health problems or other special medical concerns.

In-House Membership Plan

Willow Smiles Dentistry offers an in-house membership plan to make preventive care easy and affordable. You may even find our plan preferable to traditional dental insurance because there are no deductibles, pre-approvals, maximums, minimums or waiting periods. The plan includes two preventive exams and X-rays every year plus 40% off cleanings. Discounts are available to members for other services, too.

Family Friendly Care in Puyallup, WA

We want to do all we can to make it easy for your family to receive the preventive care they need! Children’s dentistry is an important part of our practice. We want to establish a life-long relationship with our patients and their families. Contact us to schedule a visit or learn more about our membership plan.

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