How Often Should My Child Visit The Dentist?

Preventive visits provide services that will protect your child from tooth decay. We can also catch problems early which prevents more extensive treatment later on. We look forward to seeing you and your child twice a year at Willow Smiles Dentistry in Puyallap, WA.

Early Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

Dr. Z and Dr. D. screen for oral cancer as part of your regular preventive exams. Like all cancer, oral cancer is scary. That’s why it’s important to recognize symptoms and catch it quickly. Read our blog for some common warning signs.

CDC Tips for Preventing Coronavirus

The CDC’s website has laid out clear guidelines on many different topics that are related to the coronavirus to help reduce and prevent its spread. Our blog provides links and tips. Willow Smiles Dentistry in Puyallup, WA wants our patients to stay safe!

3 Benefits of a Family Dentist

What are the benefits of seeing a family dentist versus another type of dental practice? Read about the top three benefits in our blog post. We look forward to caring for your family soon in our family practice in Puyallup, Washington!

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Implant dentistry is the preferred method for restoring a smile that is missing one or more teeth. If you want to fill in the gaps with a natural, comfortable and permanent replacement, call us today to schedule a consultation.